Pictured : A silver purity ring that is worn, and reads “Faith, Love, Purity.” The word “Love” is in the shape of a heart. It is sitting on a dish with the word “worthy” that has been aged and worn to where you can’t really tell what it says without studying it for a moment.

First, I want to acknowledge a few things. 1. I am going to tackle Purity Culture (I’m fooling no one with the title) and the ways I feel it damaged me, but I recognize that I’ve been lucky: My boundaries and physical self have always been respected. As a heterosexual…

Many people I know are moving away from their hometown and beginning their college journey. This article is for you.

There’s so much I wish I would have known before starting college, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a few of those down- both for…

Image: A large garden that has been overgrown in each row. Even the walking path is lush from weeds.

I have worn the phrase, “I’m in the ordination process” like a badge of honor.
With hopes that one day the badge would turn sash.
Today, I took the badge off, and placed it down to rest.

I had been in the ordination process with the United Methodist Church since…

A letter to my body -

I’m sorry that for most of my life I have allowed others to tell me how to view you. That when I think about you, I think about the distinctive marks.
I think about all of the ways that as a woman, I have been…

In the last 24 hours the political life of the United States has shifted. White Nationalism was on full display, and it could no longer be denied. That morning, our President continued to talk disgrace about the election process, and proclaimed that, “you will never take back our country with…

Image Description : A cup filled with tea, and a new half-way steeped

When I am telling someone about my faith identity and my upbringing I often say that I was raised Methodist, but was steeped in the Baptist waters. Though we grew up going to the United Methodist Church, the community around me was deeply steeped in the traditions and the beliefs…

Ashley Sutherland

Princeton Theological Seminary, MDiv/MACEF 2020 Aspiring advocate, learner, and United Methodist. she/her/hers

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